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I was reading this and thought everyone who reads my post should have a chance to read this. Take it one step further, start following the Gwen and Kellie.

Enjoy….The Power of Life-Long Learning.

Happy knitting!


SWTC Antique Lace Shawl by Caryn Leighton

SWTC Antique Lace by Caryn Leighton

SWTC Antique Lace by Caryn Leighton

This was my first try at doing a lace shawl. I wanted to do it so badly; however, I can’t tell you how many times I ripped it out and started over again. I can say, so many times that when I needed to rip and re-start, I hid so my family didn’t see me and say, for the millionth time, “Just stop it! You obviously can’t do this pattern!” Well, I ended up putting it away and vowed one day to finish it.

The day came, last weekend. I dug it out and before I knew it, I was knitting like it was second hand. Mind you, this AFTER it had taken me four months to complete Donna Druchunas’ Event Horizon Pi Shawl (see other posts).

It was clear, I didn’t have the experience to be doing either one, but I stuck with Donna and when I picked up Caryn’s shawl pattern again, I was sending Donna mental kudos for teaching me how to knit lace patterns.

Just as I got started good and had my confidence built up and my ego soaring, I was slapped back to Earth by a “MB” (make bobbles). Now, I’m not sure if the MB directions are off a little or if it’s me (I’m betting it’s me!) because I couldn’t get the yarn to look like bobbles, let alone any bobbles I’d like on my shawl. (As a rule, I don’t care for bobbles.) Therefore, I’m doing this pattern without bobbles. This has presented its own issues with stitch count, but I’m powering through, making it up as I go along.

Go have a look-see as to what the shawl should look like because mine will look similar, laugh.

Happy knitting!!!

Finished – Event Horizon Pi Shawl!

27Apr14 Pi shawl blocked

27Apr14 Pi shawl blocked

I finally finished my baby on Saturday, 26 April 2014. I blocked her yesterday, Sunday, and these are the pictures you are looking at. The shadows you see are my ceiling fan, sorry.

I’ll post outside pictures as soon as the weather clears.

I hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed knitting the shawl.

Happy knitting….



Event Horizon Pi Shawl

Event Horizon Pi Shawl

Event Horizon Pi Shawl

Event Horizon Pi Shawl







27Apr14 Pi shawl blocked_4

27Apr14 Pi shawl blocked

27Apr14 Pi shawl blocked_3

27Apr14 Pi shawl blocked

27Apr14 Pi shawl blocked_2

27Apr14 Pi shawl blocked

Artful Color Mindful Knits: The Definitive Guide to Working with Hand-dyed Yarns by Laura Militzer Bryant

Laura Militzer Bryant's book

Laura Militzer Bryant’s book

I recently won one of Militzer Bryant’s books. I took my time and read it over a week. Looking at all the explanations, illustrations and photos, letting it all soak in. In the end, I highly recommend her book to anyone who is especially interested in hand-dyed yarns or how working with hand-dyed yarns affect patterns.

She uses case studies to explain different dying techniques and the magic number. The book is filled with patterns for scarves, hats, jackets, shirts and caplets. She walks the reader through choosing the ‘correct’ dye technique used on the yarn and the usage of the magic number on all the patterns in order to obtain the correct design.

She also references her book, Color in Stitches, quite a bit, so of course my ears perked up and I can see it finding its way to my bed stand.

Until next time….

Happy Knitting!
When I started knitting, I made a promise to myself, do peer-reviews on everything I read – if it pertained to knitting. The above is an unsolicited review from someone who is excited by every aspect of knitting.

I won…

I won!!!!

I won!!!!

I don’t have bad luck, but I don’t have the best luck in the world either, so when I was notified by Jessica at EduKnit that I had won, I thought it was a joke.

I asked her if she was for real and I’m sure she got a laugh out of my response. I’m so glad it wasn’t recorded on a phone or video. Email hides a lot, thank God! lol

Then life got busy again with work and the weekends being busy, I completely forgot about it until Jessica reminded me. Laugh. Then again, I completely moved it to the back of the brain until I checked the mail Saturday and there was this package from EduKnit. I looked it over, made sure it was actually mine and told my mother I wasn’t sure what it was. I hadn’t ordered anything, so this was weird. You can imagine my surprise when I opened it to find it was from EduKnit (yeah, I know, the brain still didn’t hit the correlation, it took me a while to process it all, laugh).

I went bouncing through the house, called my sister, we pow-wowed in the kitchen and my sister and I rubbed the yarn on our face, our arms, and started laughing at each other. My mother went straight for the book (it has pictures – grin!). She looked at all the pictures, felt of the yarn and was over it. On the other hand, my sister and I were still bathing in the softness of the yarn and laughing at each other.

I immediately grabbed my phone and started taking pictures. I was laughing so hard, this is the only good picture I managed, sorry….

Wait, here’s one of the yarn, but the back one isn’t in focus, sorry! Laugh.

Valhalla: Coral Reef (back), Tahoe (front)

Valhalla: Coral Reef (back), Tahoe (front)

See not all learning sites are stuffy. EduKnit is pretty cool!

All the more reason to join eduknit.com and see what prize(s) you could win.

Happy knitting….


Another scarf…

2Apr14 Momma's scarf

2Apr14 Momma’s scarf

I’m not sure how many this makes for my momma, but she is killing it with this scarves. This is the latest one, I can’t remember the name, but it’s made with Plymouth Yarn Encore knitting worsted weight.

It’s taken me this long to let her get her confidence up in order to try YO and k2tog. Now she’s moving on. I have her doing psso. It’s a bit hard for her, for now, but I have no doubt she’ll be rockin’ on in a few days. Smile.

I’m so proud of her and my sister. Momma can read a written or chart pattern now. She has to be shown any new notations, but don’t we all?!

My sister, well, she went straight from knitting/purling to writing her own darn patterns. I’ll just step back and say, I haven’t even tried that yet, laugh. I’m very proud of her, too. She’s currently working on a pattern. Once she finishes the scarf, I’ll take a photo of it and post it. (The little nerd!!!)

Happy knitting….

New Years to Pi Shawl, part 8

I’ve hit another milestone. Woohoo!

I cut my first two teeth, laugh! I thought it was going to be hard and would require more patience that I have, but it was quite the opposite.

I will say, watching the video twice and doing it in my head (scary, I know!) helped me to get it right the first time, thus not allowing frustration and panic to set in.


31Mar14 Event Horizons Pi Shawl. My first two teeth, smile.

31Mar14 Event Horizons Pi Shawl. My first two teeth, smile.