Another scarf…

2Apr14 Momma's scarf

2Apr14 Momma’s scarf

I’m not sure how many this makes for my momma, but she is killing it with this scarves. This is the latest one, I can’t remember the name, but it’s made with Plymouth Yarn Encore knitting worsted weight.

It’s taken me this long to let her get her confidence up in order to try YO and k2tog. Now she’s moving on. I have her doing psso. It’s a bit hard for her, for now, but I have no doubt she’ll be rockin’ on in a few days. Smile.

I’m so proud of her and my sister. Momma can read a written or chart pattern now. She has to be shown any new notations, but don’t we all?!

My sister, well, she went straight from knitting/purling to writing her own darn patterns. I’ll just step back and say, I haven’t even tried that yet, laugh. I’m very proud of her, too. She’s currently working on a pattern. Once she finishes the scarf, I’ll take a photo of it and post it. (The little nerd!!!)

Happy knitting….


More projects…

I love knitting and anyone who sits and talks to me as I knit understands this to be a fact. And having someone else sitting and knitting or crocheting with me also makes me really happy. With that said, I have been working on a scarf for a friend of mine (504 yards of I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby) and I started momma off on the same scarf for me except it’s not as wide and will only use a little over 300 yards (Caron Soft from my stash, lol).

This is mine, although, I’m now on the second skein, so it’s a bit longer….


This is the one momma is making for me, she just got started yesterday….


I love the color of both of them and can’t wait to finish them.

Happy knitting!

14 November 2013: Update on the scarf I was making, it tis finished.


6Jan14: Momma finally finished my scarf:

Patty_Mommy's Scarf for me_cropped