More projects…

I love knitting and anyone who sits and talks to me as I knit understands this to be a fact. And having someone else sitting and knitting or crocheting with me also makes me really happy. With that said, I have been working on a scarf for a friend of mine (504 yards of I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby) and I started momma off on the same scarf for me except it’s not as wide and will only use a little over 300 yards (Caron Soft from my stash, lol).

This is mine, although, I’m now on the second skein, so it’s a bit longer….


This is the one momma is making for me, she just got started yesterday….


I love the color of both of them and can’t wait to finish them.

Happy knitting!

14 November 2013: Update on the scarf I was making, it tis finished.


6Jan14: Momma finally finished my scarf:

Patty_Mommy's Scarf for me_cropped


I’m so confused…

Update 7Nov13
Cindy now has me back on track, woohoo! I’m hoping to knock this out in the next 2 weeks, so I can move on to knittingdaily’s KAL. I still have to purchase the yarn, etc., but I’ll do that later. (Yes, I’m the worst procrastinator in the world!)

Original 5Nov13
I’ve been working on Gwen Bortner’s Entrelac Shrug ( and this is going to be the death of me.

With the help of a friend, I’ve managed to do the back and one sleeve, laugh. I’m sure my sister wouldn’t find it as funny as I do if I gave it to her like this – minus one sleeve and the neck.

To say I loose sleep over it is an understatement.

It’s safe to say “I’m stuck!” Hopefully, the same friend who got me started, will be able to get me going again.

In the meantime, here’s the one arm, back that I’ve completed…. No laughing, it could happen to you (snickering in the corner).

Entrelac shrug minus one arm and the neck

Entrelac shrug minus one arm and the neck

Happy knitting!

Lily’s Christmas blankie….

After months and months and months and…well you get the idea, of crocheting little squares, I finally finished Lily’s blankie a week before Christmas.

She loves it, and at first didn’t want to let go of it once she unwrapped it, but something else caught her attention, and you know babies, she was off to the races with a new gift, smile.

Here is the final project….

Lily's Christmas Blankie 2012

And here we are together….


I’ll have to come up with a different square to add to it for Christmas 2013.  I’ll get it big enough to go on a queen size bed, if I live that long, and she’ll always know her Tia Lissy loves (loved) her…smile.

Happy Knitting!

Aventisto Cotton (84 Topiary Mix)

I love yarn; otherwise, I’d not crochet nor knit, and I found the prettiest color on Craftsy and had to order me some.  I received it yesterday and when I opened it I was even more surprised at how soft it was.  It was expense, for the yardage, but I think it was worth it.  A little happy for me!  Now I don’t know what to make with it because I want it to be special, especially considering what it cost.

Any suggestions? It’s only 93 yards per skein and I bought two, so it can’t be too big a project, and I want to knit with it, not crochet.

This is what is looks like….


Pretty huh?

Lily’s Watercolors by Tia Lissy©

My niece’s first scarf.  It took me a week, working on it about an hour a night.  Then on Saturday, I worked on it for a few hours off and on and tada, here’s the result.  This was knitted using Caron yarn, I can’t remember the color name. I didn’t use a pattern.  I just knew I wanted it ribbed, so I went to work making it happen.

I start on another one tonight, but the new one will be crocheted, and spiral, to match one I made for myself.

Yarns brings smiles!

Happy Knitting, crocheting, and tatting!

Therapi Braided Wrap designed by Sarah Golder

I started working on this braided wrap sometime in June and have had to stop and start due to various reasons – none worthy of writing about, smile.

I started back last week while I was off and have managed to get passed the braids and am now working on the other side of the wrap.  It must be 17″ long, like the other side, so it will take me a week or so to get there, but when I do, I will have to weave in the loose yarn and then we should be good.

I’ll take a picture of what has taken me almost three months to do, although I will say, I didn’t work on it for like 3 weeks, so actually it’s only been two months.

I’m hoping my next project will be a shawl!  We shall see.

I give all my thanks to Teresa at The Yarn Basket, as she’s been a wonderful teacher!

Yarn rules!