About Me

Hello!  My name is Melissa and I love knitting, yoga, running, cycling, and photography, just to name a few things.

I love nature and animals.  I have two Chihuahua’s – Samson, 11 years old; Maebelle, 6 years old.  I also care for 3 other dogs – Teddy [he was diagnosed with lymphoma Jan 2013 and is still valiantly fighting] and Bubbles, 1/2 Jack Russell|1/2 Fiest; and Molly, Chiweenie. [Note: Samson passed away 14 Feb 2013, he was 4 months shy of his 12th birthday. My heart has joined others who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. May you rest in peace my man.]

My sister has a calico cat – Peekaboo; and my parents have a long-haired yellow cat – Dew Drop aka Dewy.

It’s a regular zoo at my house!

Follow me on my other blog, http://melissaravencraft.wordpress.com/.

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