New project

I know everyone thinks I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, but sorry, I’m still here, smile.

Life has been busy with working a full-time job, knitting during the ‘down’ time, and eating and sleeping somewhere in between.

I finished a prayer cowl this past Friday, 12 December 2014. I’m still working on, 2 shawls, 1 year long afghan, 1 throw by Kaffe Fassett, thanks to my bff, and a cardigan, again, thanks to my bff. Can you see where this is going? I follow my bff all over the knitting world. I’ve yet to do a pair of socks though, bahahaha!

This past weekend, I made a stop by my LYS (The Yarn Basket) just for some down time and wouldn’t you know it she was making a hat. I always open my mouth when I should just look, laugh. Yes, I asked her what she was making (this question ALWAYS gets me in trouble – the fun kind of trouble). She told me the ARC had asked her for about 20 hats, and she was doing them alone because she knew others were doing Christmas things. She said she was almost finished and only needed 5 more by this weekend. Ok, here it comes, I asked her to write the pattern down because it looked simple enough and while I have never made a hat, surely I could kick out 2 by the weekend (crossing fingers, toes and anything else I can cross).

As Ms. T and I were talking about them, my bff, was standing there listening. She told Ms. T, “I have a ton of hats we made up to take to Tibet and we never made it back there, so I’ve just been holding them.” Oh the joy on Ms. T’s face! It was like Christmas joy! Somewhere above everything stopped – God stopped, the angels stopped and I can just imagine him saying, ‘That’s the meaning of Christmas! Love one for another because you are your brother’s keeper.”

Now it doesn’t matter now if I finish one, two, or none, Ms. T will have enough to provide to the ARC. With all that said, I know you are just dying to see my hat…


My first try at a hat view 1

My first try at a hat view 1


My first try at a hat view 2

Happy knitting….


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