As promised, the long awaited book review…Portuguese Style of Knitting: History, Traditions, and Techniques by Andrea Wong

This is a book review based on my own personal views and not a solicited request.

Andrea Wong’s Portuguese Style of Knitting, is a wonderful book for someone wanting to learn a new style of knitting.

The book has an excellent table of contents, detailed photos, as well as a helpful index. Wong describes, in detail, the basic techniques of knitting; how to use MC and CC; cables; double-knitting; and how to use hooked knitting needles. She also does a small piece on spinning. As a treat, she provides patterns which allow you to work the techniques described within the book.

As I do all my book reviews, I always look for one or two things that I didn’t like, and one or two things I didn’t know and share it with the readers. This review is no different, I really would’ve liked a website/youtube dedicated to the actual techniques, only because I’m a very visual learner. I learned knitting “started somewhere in the Middle East and spread into Europe…then into the Americas.” I don’t think of knitting starting out in the Middle East, although I’m not sure where I thought it came from. Hmmm….

I highly recommend this book for any adventurous knitter!

Happy Knitting!


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