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As promised, the long awaited book review…Portuguese Style of Knitting: History, Traditions, and Techniques by Andrea Wong

This is a book review based on my own personal views and not a solicited request.

Andrea Wong’s Portuguese Style of Knitting, is a wonderful book for someone wanting to learn a new style of knitting.

The book has an excellent table of contents, detailed photos, as well as a helpful index. Wong describes, in detail, the basic techniques of knitting; how to use MC and CC; cables; double-knitting; and how to use hooked knitting needles. She also does a small piece on spinning. As a treat, she provides patterns which allow you to work the techniques described within the book.

As I do all my book reviews, I always look for one or two things that I didn’t like, and one or two things I didn’t know and share it with the readers. This review is no different, I really would’ve liked a website/youtube dedicated to the actual techniques, only because I’m a very visual learner. I learned knitting “started somewhere in the Middle East and spread into Europe…then into the Americas.” I don’t think of knitting starting out in the Middle East, although I’m not sure where I thought it came from. Hmmm….

I highly recommend this book for any adventurous knitter!

Happy Knitting!


Too many projects…

I haven’t posted in a while, why, you may ask…I have too many projects started and I feel so overwhelmed!!!!! Therefore, the next course of action is to finish one project at a time. Trying to work on multiple projects is going to drive me insane (at least it won’t have far to drive, grin).

I have the arms to do on the baby shirt; the afghan is an on-going project for a year (dear God help me!); the pink rose lace on the other end of the stole; and I’m half way through the Japanese Feather Stole. Once I get all of these done, I will only have TWO projects going at one time. One that must be worked on at home, and another which is a no brainer which I can work on at lunch, while waiting for the doctor, or when I’m not feeling well and can’t concentrate enough to do the big project.

With that said, my mother (and father) just went on and on about a shawl at our LYS, so I had Ms. Teresa get me the yarn and the pattern and I’m going to ‘surprise’ my mother with it. I say surprise because it took us a month to figure out which shawl it was, and I had to make sure Momma liked the yarn colors which she did, duh, it had blue in it.

Working full-time, having a semi-social life (only Saturdays!), I’ve learned I only have a few hours in the evening and Sundays after church. However, now that NFL football is back in action, any time there’s a game on, the knitting is put away. I do have my priorities, and it’s football then knitting!

Happy knitting…