What I’ve been up to…

I have been working on multiple projects just to see what all the hype was about having multiple projects on needles. My little sister does it, my mother now does it, and I was feeling like the lone ranger, so I started three projects and I cast-on another two this weekend, one one the 21 June and I’m also taking the Arctic Lace Armchair Travel eCourse via http://www.ruzuku.com with Donna Druchunas and company.

This means I’ll have six projects going at once. You know what, I DON’T LIKE IT! I’m so OCD, seriously – no joking, that I have to complete one project completely to move on to another one. So what is all the hype about?! Would someone care to explain?

Granted, I’ll have one completed by this weekend; one which will be a square a month for 12 months to make a binkie; one which I can wait for the other CC skein to come in or waste line it off and pick up on the other end and finish that part; but that still means, I have a shirt, a pair of shoes (both my first time to make) and my Armchair class. Oh my…maybe I should just stop talking about it and show you my daylilies which require nothing but rain, sunshine and loving….

all of my daylilies except one

all of my daylilies except one

Happy knitting!


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