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SWTC Antique Lace Shawl by Caryn Leighton

SWTC Antique Lace by Caryn Leighton

SWTC Antique Lace by Caryn Leighton

This was my first try at doing a lace shawl. I wanted to do it so badly; however, I can’t tell you how many times I ripped it out and started over again. I can say, so many times that when I needed to rip and re-start, I hid so my family didn’t see me and say, for the millionth time, “Just stop it! You obviously can’t do this pattern!” Well, I ended up putting it away and vowed one day to finish it.

The day came, last weekend. I dug it out and before I knew it, I was knitting like it was second hand. Mind you, this AFTER it had taken me four months to complete Donna Druchunas’ Event Horizon Pi Shawl (see other posts).

It was clear, I didn’t have the experience to be doing either one, but I stuck with Donna and when I picked up Caryn’s shawl pattern again, I was sending Donna mental kudos for teaching me how to knit lace patterns.

Just as I got started good and had my confidence built up and my ego soaring, I was slapped back to Earth by a “MB” (make bobbles). Now, I’m not sure if the MB directions are off a little or if it’s me (I’m betting it’s me!) because I couldn’t get the yarn to look like bobbles, let alone any bobbles I’d like on my shawl. (As a rule, I don’t care for bobbles.) Therefore, I’m doing this pattern without bobbles. This has presented its own issues with stitch count, but I’m powering through, making it up as I go along.

Go have a look-see as to what the shawl should look like because mine will look similar, laugh.

Happy knitting!!!