Artful Color Mindful Knits: The Definitive Guide to Working with Hand-dyed Yarns by Laura Militzer Bryant

Laura Militzer Bryant's book

Laura Militzer Bryant’s book

I recently won one of Militzer Bryant’s books. I took my time and read it over a week. Looking at all the explanations, illustrations and photos, letting it all soak in. In the end, I highly recommend her book to anyone who is especially interested in hand-dyed yarns or how working with hand-dyed yarns affect patterns.

She uses case studies to explain different dying techniques and the magic number. The book is filled with patterns for scarves, hats, jackets, shirts and caplets. She walks the reader through choosing the ‘correct’ dye technique used on the yarn and the usage of the magic number on all the patterns in order to obtain the correct design.

She also references her book, Color in Stitches, quite a bit, so of course my ears perked up and I can see it finding its way to my bed stand.

Until next time….

Happy Knitting!
When I started knitting, I made a promise to myself, do peer-reviews on everything I read – if it pertained to knitting. The above is an unsolicited review from someone who is excited by every aspect of knitting.


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