“Successful Lace Knitting: celebrating the work of Dorothy Reade” by Donna Druchunas

This is a book review based on my own personal views and not a solicited request.

I picked up Donna’s book at my local yarn shop (LYS) last Thursday. It was just sitting on the table, the shop owner had been looking through it. I saw Donna’s name, my eyes grew bigger and the shop owner new she would be purchasing another one to read for herself.

I read it in one night, mind you this IS a knitting book, so only 30 of the 112 pages are not patterns and pictures. Therefore the reading was quick, and add to the fact that I LOVE to read.

Donna’s writing style is easy and free flowing. I found myself wanting to know more about Dorothy Reade. I could easily understand why Donna became infatuated with her. Dorothy is someone I would have loved to know. To have as a grandmother, to teach me all she knew. To teach me how to be a free-thinker, and always think outside the knitting pattern.

I will not spoil the reading by delving into the pages, but I highly recommend you do grab a copy, brew a cup of tea and join Donna as she brings Dorothy to life. She will leave you wanting more.

I will, however, pull two quotes from the pages, only because they are so true and jumped off the pages (and almost hit me, but I dodged it real quick like, smile):

1. “…It all boils down to the fact that there are too many idle hands.”
2. “An original creation is one person’s idea, but a creation can be the end product of many ideas from many people.”

I really think Dorothy Reade could’ve been a good influence on this new, lazy generation. Some people are just born before their time…. However, Donna seems to have picked up Dorothy’s torch and is more than happy to keep it burning brightly for all to see, learn, and knit.

In closing, as soon as I finish the two or three WIPs, I will start working my way through the book and should I find it necessary, I’ll be back with updates on the patterns.

Until next time,
Happy Knitting


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