New Years to Pi Shawl, part 2

10 January 2014

Ok, just to update everyone. I’ve pulled out the first lace circle more times than I care to admit. Yesterday, I thought this project had me beat; however, I prevailed. I managed to get in my life line for row 4. If you want to know how pitiful this is, go get the book and look at the pattern. It’s a shame!!! It’s day 10 (I haven’t worked on it yet, but I will after work.), so technically I’ve been working on it 8 days (I took a break one evening) and have only managed the beginning circle and 4, yes 4 rows of the first lace circle.

At one point, I started to pull my hair out, literally, as it would’ve been easier than to work on the project. This is when I put it down. Knitting is therapeutic, fun, educational, and some times mind numbing, for me and when I get upset with my inability to make my fingers work, I put it down.

Now with my lifeline in, I won’t have to redo rows 1-4 over and over and over again!!!!!!! Tonight I move on to row 5 and I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose contrl and I think I like it, yeah, yeah, laugh.

Happy knitting!


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