Stitch markers

paperclip markers

5 February 2014: I was given another tutorial and have to share this one. The easiest and probably less expensive because we all have waste yarn lying around. Enjoy,

4 February 2014: From the time I learned to knit, I’ve used stitch markers. Here lately, the Pi Shawl has really expressed a need to have markers (because I keep messing up without them!). Therefore, I went stitch marker hunting, to see what other people used as stitch markers. What I found was very interesting.

Some people use the split rings, locking rings, soft stitch rings, all the common choices. Then there are people who use the little twisters you put in little girls hair (1), waste yarn (1) and some use coated paper clips ( If this isn’t enough ideas, google “stitch markers knitting” and there are a ton of ideas on how to make your own as well as where to purchase your own. Oh, users also seem to very picky about their favorite brand. I will not go into that, as I would then have to do a pro and con for both, just to be fair, and I don’t want to do THAT kind of research. Nonetheless, the sizes and colors are endless!

I have made my own, it was fun, they are pretty, but I can’t use them on the Pi Shawl, too many twist and turns, smile.

My favorite stitch markers are those little purple and green round ones from Clover, but when you have 100s of stitches, and you need to count and move stitches, you can’t do that with a closed marker, thus the search.

I’ll now be on a mission to see what other ‘non-traditional’ stitch markers I can find. No worries, I will share as I find them.

Happy knitting!

(1) (search split ring vs locking ring markers)


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