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New Years to Pi Day KAL, part 1

6 January 2014
I’ve started working on the Event Horizon Pi Shawl. This is going to be fun, but a challenge.

Come join us,


It’s out of the book, Stories in Stitches 2.

6Jan14 Event Horizons Pi Shawl

6Jan14 Event Horizons Pi Shawl


Entrelac Shrug by Gwen Bortner

Ok, so it took me a while, but I finally finished the shrug for my sister.

It was my first piece of clothing and it was a wonderful learning experience. If it had not been for my friend, Cynthia, I wouldn’t have been able to start, let alone finish. I must also give thanks to Gwen’s tutorial of Craftsy. It saved my tail a few times.

Here is the finished product in a small/medium:

Shrug 1Jan14_back view

Back View

Shrug 1Jan14_front veiw_c

Front View