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Momma’s New Project

As I was leaving for work this morning, my mom yells, “Don’t forget to make a copy of my new project.” I just smiled inside because I almost had to beg her to learn, now, I’ve created a monster. Huge Smile!

This will be her new project out of One + One Scarves, Shawls & Shrugs by Iris Schreier, called Infinity. I haven’t decided what type of yarn I’m going to give her, but it will be something she can handle.

As usual, I will post a picture of the final product.

Infinity Twist


Momma’s Cowl

Momma finally finished her cowl she was working on, whew! She sent me a text yesterday informing me she finished and now all that is needed is for me to bind it off and weave in the yarn and she’ll be 100% complete. Laugh!

Just let me say, her less than pristine knitting skills have been a lesson in correcting mistakes 101. I’ve done more tinking on her cowl, than I’ve ever done on any of my projects. I’ve fixed more mistakes than I could make in one project. However, her mistakes, have taught me tons and for those mistakes, I’m grateful as it has made me a better knitter.

This life lesson – fixing others mistakes, will help you not make the same ones (hopefully). Laugh!

Happy Knitting (and tinking)!

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of Momma in her cowl…I made her pose this way, lol! I love my momma!

Momma's Cowl