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The world is coming to an end…Momma’s knitting!

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but it’s not due to a lack of things to talk about, it’s due to my momma’s knitting mistakes, lol. I have managed to teach my mom to knit and purl ONLY. (One step at a time, please!) She keeps be busy tinking, oh geez. It seems for every row she knits, I tink it.

Let me start my saying she has crippling arthritis in her hands and they are turned and her joints are knotting, a very painful ordeal. I taught her to knit because it made my hands feel loose (she passed down her arthritis, thank you Mom!), so I figured it would help hers and it does to a certain degree, then it just makes them hurt worse. Because of the crippling of her hands, she can’t hold the needles like ‘we’ do, so she is slow and has to hold the needles different than ‘we’ do which would make it impossible for me to knit if my hands were like hers. She’s a trooper though, she’s knit some, put it away, knit some more. Some days she may get 2 rows, other days she may get only 1/2 a row or nothing, it all depends on the hands. (I can attest to this myself!)

Her first project was a simple K2, P2 scarf. I’ll have to upload a picture of it. She did a really good job on it and it’s pretty.

Now she (and I) are working on a Cowl (see attached). No really, I spend my time at home ‘tinking’ hers and my lunch time knitting mine, lol! We are using Nuble: Yarn by Araucania, I’m IN LOVE with that yarn. Visit your local yarn shop and have them to order you some if they don’t carry it, it’s WONDERFUL!

My sister has now decided she would like one, so I’ll eventually finish mine, finish my mom’s and do one for my sister, smile. THIS is why I love knitting! There’s never a dull moment when my mother and I are sitting and knitting, and get my father in the room, and I have to stop ’cause all I can do is laugh at him laughing at us.

Ok, so now you know the benefits of knitting, and I’m attaching the cowl we are now working on, why not contact your yarn shop, purchase some Nuble and join us. We’d love to see your pictures.  I’ll post some of ours later this week.

Happy knitting (and tinking!),