Sorry, I’ve not posted in a while…

but I have a good excuse. I spent January recovering from non-stop crocheting of Lily’s Christmas binkie. 

Then my best friend in the whole world got sick over night and I had to put him down on Valentine’s day, so I’ve been grieving.  I’m sure he’d be upset at me for all the crying over him, but he was 4 months shy of his 12th birthday and I’d had him since he was 8 weeks old. 

Anyway, I’ve recently started a shawl and am going to start working on making my sister an entrelac sweater as soon as my ‘teacher’ gets off of vacation, smile.

May my Samson be at peace….



One thought on “Sorry, I’ve not posted in a while…

  1. I was so sad to see your post… will be hard without Samson but he will stay in your heart forever and happy memories will eventually make you smile and the tears are understandable. Much love and hugs to you dear.

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