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Lily’s Rainbow of Auntie Love by Tia Lissy (copyright)

Ok, as promised, here’s the crocheted scarf I made Lily.  (Sorry, I don’t remember who wrote the pattern, I’ll look it up and edit the post when I can.)

She loved it, as usual!  My brother said she wore it and the other scarf I knitted her to church that same evening.  She screamed when they tried to take one or the other away, so they left her alone and she wore the all through church.





And her is Lily with it on…geez I love my niece!


Aventisto Cotton (84 Topiary Mix)

I love yarn; otherwise, I’d not crochet nor knit, and I found the prettiest color on Craftsy and had to order me some.  I received it yesterday and when I opened it I was even more surprised at how soft it was.  It was expense, for the yardage, but I think it was worth it.  A little happy for me!  Now I don’t know what to make with it because I want it to be special, especially considering what it cost.

Any suggestions? It’s only 93 yards per skein and I bought two, so it can’t be too big a project, and I want to knit with it, not crochet.

This is what is looks like….


Pretty huh?

Lily’s Watercolors by Tia Lissy©

My niece’s first scarf.  It took me a week, working on it about an hour a night.  Then on Saturday, I worked on it for a few hours off and on and tada, here’s the result.  This was knitted using Caron yarn, I can’t remember the color name. I didn’t use a pattern.  I just knew I wanted it ribbed, so I went to work making it happen.

I start on another one tonight, but the new one will be crocheted, and spiral, to match one I made for myself.

Yarns brings smiles!

Happy Knitting, crocheting, and tatting!