The wonderful world of granny squares Posted on August 6, 2012 by rvncrft72

ImageGranny squares are the devil. Laugh! They take forever to make and while they are beautiful, they make your hands hurt, but there’s always a special reason why you worry with making them, weaving in the yarn and joining them together.  My special reason is a special someone, my one and only niece, Lily.  Just thinking about her brings a smile to my face, and my heart leaps with joy just thinking about what she will do when she gets her binky her Tia Lissy (that’s me!) is making her.

She picked out the yarn months ago (she’s only 15 months old) but she knows what she likes and we had her with us one evening and I was pushing her down the yarn isle and she saw these colors and started jabbering uncontrollably. I said yes ma’am, those are pretty colors aren’t they, and she was reaching for them, insistant on getting them, so I handed her a skein and she held on to it, won’t let it go, so I grabbed another one and a solid pink and put it in the buggy.  She then saw another set of colors (green, pink, yellow) and wanted that one, too, so I gave it to her and put another skein in the buggy with a solid green.  Afterwards, she looked at me like, ok, I’m ready now.  So Lily picked out her first binky colors. I was afraid to make it before now because yarn sheds and I didn’t want it to get in her mouth and choke her, but I think she’s big enough now to have a real, hand-made binky for her Tia Lissy, smile.

I have to have 117 squares at 3×3, that’s 59 colored and 58 solid pink.  This should make her a binky that won’t be too big nor too small, but just right, as she is hot natured and doesn’t like a lot of cover on her when she sleeps, so the holes should provide her with enough air pockets, laugh.

I’m more excited about what her reaction will be than I am about making it, grin.  I figure I’ll have it completed by Christmas, so it will make a great Christmas present.

I’ll post about the binky once I’ve completed the squares, weaved in the yarn and start joining them.

I have to give a shout out to because I used her website to re-learn the granny square.  It’s an awesome site, so go visit if you get a chance.

I also have to give a shout out to a very good friend who is an awesome cheerleader!  Thank you Belinda, I love you!

Until next time…



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