One does get wiser as they age… Posted on June 12, 2012 by rvncrft72

ImageOr so I’ve been told, but now I really believe it, laugh!

I’ve been working on this knitting project for a month now and about the time I get half way through it I mess up and have to pull it all out and start over (only because I wanted to do it without any help).  Needless to say, I’ve pulled it out close to 10 times, but yesterday as I set knitting, I made the same mistake and instead of pulling it out, I decided I’d go to the source.  I’d go see Ms. Teresa, the sweet lady who taught met o knit.

As I walked in the store, I didn’t see her, but could hear her and I announced myself and told her I had a problem, could she please help?  Of course, she’s always able to help, and in 5 seconds she had it fixed and she undid (is that a word) the fix, and handed it to me for me to fix.  I did it, but I don’t know if I’ll remember how I did it because I was ‘mad’ at myself for not going to get her help the first time I made the mistake.

The reason I didn’t go earlier, the project I’m working on is for her.  To show her thanks for teaching me something I didn’t have a grandmother to teach me to do.  She didn’t see the pattern, nor did she look at the work, she just fixed the problem, had me fix it and I quickly put it away, laugh.

The moral to the post, next time you make a mistake, don’t keep doing it over and over again.  Find someone to help you correct it, and quickly, so you can move on!



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